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• CARE – With any alpaca purchase, we will happily share all of our accumulated knowledge to help ensure that you find pleasure and success in your alpaca endeavor.
- Farm Set Up
- Health & Nutrition
- Handling & Behavior
- Breeding & Birthing
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Come meet the alpacas and do some holiday shopping in our alpaca farm shop! We have lots of hand-made accessories, yarns & rovings from our own alpaca fleece, and beautiful commercially made sweaters, socks, hats, alpaca dolls, teddy bears & more!

HAVE SOME TIME AND WANT TO VISIT THE FARM AND SHOP? PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL US, PREFERABLY AT LEAST A DAY BEFORE, AND SCHEDULE A VISIT! We don't have regular hours, so we need to be able to open the store and prepare the alpacas for your visit! Thanks!

JOIN US IN SEPTEMBER FOR NATIONAL ALPACA FARM DAYS, SEPTEMBER 29 & 30, 2018 when we'll be open FROM 10 - 4! Meet the alpacas, shop in the farm store, make alpaca crafts, and have some refreshments!

SHEPHERD'S CREEK ALPACAS is located just outside the village of Trumansburg, an easy 10 miles from Ithaca or Watkins Glen, NY. We raise and breed quality alpacas and operate our alpaca shop in the beautiful Finger Lakes region.
People ALWAYS ask us…"How did you ever get into this??". An educator (Barb) and a physician (Marc), we stumbled on these delightful animals in 2003, fell in love, and began a life journey that was both unforeseen and wonderful! We started small with Barb working ½ time and taking care of the alpacas, and now keep a herd of 12 to 20 alpacas, an alpaca farm store, and Barb is full time on the farm.
Our herd has evolved to include some fiber animals which we will sell to good homes as pets and fiber producers, solid foundation girls with proven birthing histories, and a growing number of elite alpacas who are proving themselves in the show ring each year. On a given day we might have up to 20 alpacas on the farm, including girls here for breeding and a few who are boarding. We treat each and every alpaca on the farm with individual attention and care, which we believe is the reason our health and birthing history is excellent. We feed and clean twice a day, interacting with our animals using trust-building husbandry techniques. People are forever surprised when the alpacas come running when they see us, or when we call "paca, paca, paca!". All of the youngsters are halter trained and most of them will come up for a sniff or a kiss.
We believe that the alpaca industry is flourishing, and that the price of mid-range animals has adjusted reasonably in the last few years. The high-end breeding stock maintains its value, and demand is still strong.
Interested in the world of alpacas or in purchasing some beautiful alpaca products? Visit us, please, and let us share our passion, knowledge and experiences with you!

Contact us by phone at 607-387-7260 or Email us at

0% Interest for 1 - 2 years for breeding females and packages. Specific terms negotiable.